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Sometimes the strangest stories contain a grain of truth..

Sometimes the oddest of family tales can turn out to hold more than a grain of the truth… Some 20 years ago, my late grandmother, Annie, told my aunt and I that when Annie first moved to her house in┬áthe … Continue reading

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Life? Don’t talk to me about life…

(Marvin the Paranoid Android, in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’, in case you’re interested) Last November I managed to rupture a tendon in my finger merely by tucking in a blanket (moral: there is something inherently wrong with the whole concept of housework.) … Continue reading

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Why Proof-Reading Is Always A Good Idea….

From the current edition of ‘The Midland Ancestor’: “the title of the meeting should read Reading The Runes: Paleography (and not, as listed – Palaentology) “ And to think I’d put the date in my diary…  

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Least Helpful Parish Register Entries

Like many of my ancestors, great great uncle James’ birth appears never to have been registered – although his nine siblings were … and the 1911 census reveals that there was another sibling who appears to have been born and … Continue reading

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