Occupations, clustering and updates

I’ve added a few more links on the ‘Useful Websites’ page.

Please have a look at the site www.sharehistory.org: this is a sort of wiki page which anyone can add to:  it contains a lot of photographs and other information and is a way of  preserving and sharing our history.

My new personal project is a venture into ‘cluster genealogy.’  This is a technique more often used in local history projects, tracing people who are connected by, for example, area or occupation, rather than by family ties.

I’m researching into the history of coffee mill makers in Wolverhampton. Quite a lot of my Victorian ancestors were coffee mill makers, and I’ve decided to explore quite how common an occupation this is.  I spent Tuesday reading through old trade directories in my local archive, and am starting to gather numbers and family connections. Once I’ve finished with the directories – there are a lot of them, starting in 1770 – I’m going to start tracing them through the census returns and parish registers.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


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