Another Day, Another Dollar…

… or perhaps not: it’s a quiet time of year for the professional genealogist.

George Fieldhouse & Co – who I mentioned in last week’s post – now transpires to be a partnership rather than a limited company:  I’m still trying to find out what records may exist.

My research this week has led me to discover that one of the two George Fieldhouses (both of whom were coffee-mill makers, just to confuse matters!) left a will, a copy of which is held by Lichfield Records Office.  I sense a day out in the not-too distant future…

I have also discovered that there are a number of books and pamphlets held by the British Library which could well prove useful to me.  Again I feel a day out, although this may be some time away yet.

Meanwhile I am about to become involved in two more research projects, details of which I’ll reveal when I have anything useful to report.

And as a parting shot: yesterday I found, in the Wolverhampton Chronicle for September 1833, an brief obituary of a local man who was best known, in the words of the august publication “for fathering 18 children in 15 years (all by the same wife.)”

I trust that the wife in question was his own: she has my sympathies.

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