It’s Pizza Weather here…

by which I mean the snow is deep and crisp and even…

So – for the first time I have cancelled my afternoon class because of adverse weather; and my planned afternoon work’s yesterday (research in the archives) was also cancelled…

So: it’s an day to be spent with a nice new notebook, all pristine and neat and waiting to be written in,  drawing up a research plan for one of my new projects.  I use a separate notebook for each of my projects, and always begin with a statement of what I want to find out, followed by a list of as many sources as I can think of (followed by several blank pages to be filled in as I discover new sources).  Each page has a left hand margin, where I tick off each source as I check it: then details of what the source is, and where I can actually access it: then three narrow margins on the right hand side. The first of these is for the date when I checked the source:  the second indicates whether I may need to revisit the source; the third is a yes/no box so that I can see if I actually found what I was looking for.

These first few pages act as an aide-memoire so that I can see at a glance what I’ve looked at and what I need to look at.  Thereafter each and every piece of information I discover is noted down on a fresh page (with the date, respository and reference number as a heading). 

By the time I’ve finished a project I usually have several notebooks, all crossreferenced to each other and to a larger file where I store copies of documents.

At this stage, my poor notebooks are no longer pristine and neat: they bristle with post-it notes, bookmarks (often old train tickets!), odd bits of paper stapled in, drawings etc.  But the notebooks are never, ever thrown away: once the project is complete the notebooks are numbered and carefully stored away, and the number (and title project) added to a separate checklist.  Just in case I ever need to refer to them again, or if a query is raised, or if new information comes to hand and the project needs revising.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: never, ever throw away your original notes.

Each notebook also has my address written inside: just in case I have a fit of absent-mindedness and  leave it in an archive. Archive and Records Office staff will ALWAYS return this sort of lost property if they have an address to send it to.



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