When Small Is Beautiful

Last week I visited Wolverhampton Art Gallery for the preview of the new exhibition “From Darkroom to Digital”, which celebrates  the 125th anniversary of the Wolverhampton Photographic Society.

It’s a very interesting exhibition, concentrating on the works of six well-known Wolverhampton photographers:  Rejlander, Haseler, Whitlock, Bennett-Clark, Eisenhofer and Susser.

The first of these, Oscar J Rejlander, is known as “The father of Art Photography” – here’s a small sample of his work:

The young Hallam Tennyson (1852-1857), son of Alfred Lord Tennyson, in thoughtful mood.


This next image is not perhaps what you might expect: “The Two Ways Of Life” (dated 1857).



Here Rejlander uses multiple images of the same models, creating a montage in much the same way as we use digital manipulation techniques today. The two young men have the choice of a life of hard work and Christian values, or – well, I suspect ‘debauchery’ is as good a word as any.  The chap on the left does look as if he’s going to have more fun, though…

Apparently Queen Victoria purchased a copy of this photograph for Dear Albert. Draw your own conclusions.

The exhibition runs until 15 February: details are on the page “Dates For Your Diary.”  Do go and see it if you can.

Whilst I was at the Art Gallery, I came across what I consider to be Wolverhampton’s best-kept secret: the “Makers Dozen Studios”.  Housed in a Georgian Building at the rear of the Art Gallery, this is a complex of 12 artists’ studios and a small gallery, open to the public.

mdfb-270x150 You can read more about Makers Dozen here:  makersdozen.co.uk  or visit  their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MakersDozenStudios

Better still, make a point of visiting the studios and gallery. Even better, while you’re there, treat yourself to an original work of art.

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