Find My Past: new website, new records, new subscriptions


Some months ago, Findmypast launched its new website.

Judging from the comments from the genealogical community,  I’m not alone in finding the new website not as user-friendly as the old one, particularly when it comes to searching census records. However, fmp are aware of the problems, and  promise to fix them.

It’s not all bad news, though.  Fmp has launched “100in100”,  releasing  100 new sets of records in 100 days.  Much of the emphasis so far has been on military records , but new record sets also include parish registers and 600,00 names from the few existing Irish census returns for 1821 – 1851.

You can follow the progress of 100 in 100 and check what’s new at

At the same time,  fmp has introduced new subscription rates.  The six-month subscription has been scrapped, and a new monthly subscription introduced. For the British package, the monthly subscription is £9.95: the world package is £12.95. Both these options offer unlimited access for one calendar month from the date of subscription.  This, I’m sure, will be of great benefit to family historians who don’t want to spend large amounts of money on a subscription that they won’t get the full benefit of.

FMP are still offering their “Pay As You Go” package, which offers 60 credits for £6.95 or 280 credits  for £24.95.  I must admit that, in my experience, 60 credits don’t go very far: in addition, the Pay As You Go packages are time-limited, and any unused credits expire at the end of the period.  In future I’ll be using the new monthly package.

The FMP website is at  It’s well worth exploring – and signing up for the monthly newletter.

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