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I’ve recently discovered the joys of webinars.

If you have no idea what this means – and I didn’t! – a webinar is a seminar which is hosted over the Internet. You don’t even need to leave home. All you need is your computer.

You can find lists of webinars by searching “Genealogy Webinars”: I’ve been ‘attending’ the ones hosted by Legacy, but there are plenty of other providers. Many of these are free.

Once you’ve found a webinar you like the sound of,  you must complete the registration form.  You are then sent a URL link with which to log in at the appropriate time and date.

There is no requirement to actively participate in a webinar: you can just  listen to the topic. Or you can ask  questions which will be answered at the end of the webinar.
Webinars usually last an hour, although the ones I’ve participated in have gone on a bit longer because we’ve all been asking questions.

You are usually advised that you don’t need to take notes: I usually do, because the downloadable handouts are usually just bullet points. Legacy  keep the webinars free for you to refer to again for about a week afterwards: there is also an archive of older webinars, but you will have to become a paid member to access these.

One hint I will pass on: the Legacy site advised me that I would need a headphone/microphone set.  Although I would advise headphones if, like me, there are other people in the house and you’re likely to be distracted, there is no need to connect to the site via a microphone:  you can use your keyboard to ask questions.

Try a webinar:  you might enjoy it!


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