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I don’t give out my email address on this site.  If you wish to contact me about a particular aspect of family history, please use the “Comments” box below.

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  1. Maria Turley says:

    Hi Kate – what a delightful and informative site! You have obviously done a lot of work here and it makes interesting reading!
    I will ‘bookmark’ your site and continue to read through when I have my five minutes!
    I am interested because I have been researching my husbands’ family tree and have only got back as far as 1840 because the relating census says he’s from foreign parts – we think Ireland or USA. But from him and his descendants they lived in less than a quarter mile radius of each other in Dudley!
    Anyway won’t bother you any more.
    Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

    • kate says:

      Hi Maria

      ‘Foreign parts’ on the 1841 census is always frustrating, isn’t it? Have you found any clues in later censuses? The 1851 religious census (which was taken on the same night as the census of population) might be of help here.

      Best wishes


  2. Andrea Davies says:

    My Dad, who is 98, showed me the article in the “Expres and Star”, very interesting, so glad someone is researching our local history. He wanted me to contact you because we have a coffee-grinder made by T N Clark. It is probably slightly smaller than the one pictured in the paper and has a small flange on either side to enable it to be screwed down onto a shelf or table. He also said I should mention, though totally unrelated, a warming -pan, clearly patented, made by Stanton and Simmons, designed to take hot water, not hot coals. He believes that S&S were also local manufacturers.
    I hope the above is of some interest, but in any case, keep up the good work, history needs to be kept alive, it is what makes us what we are today. Regards, Andrea

  3. kate says:

    Thanks for contacting me, Andrea – I’ve sent you an email with a little more information.


  4. Pauline Ryan says:

    Hi Kate

    This is a fabulous site. Thank you. I’m trying to understand the Will of my 3rd Great Grandfather, Edward Ridley, who died in 1852 in Bridgnorth. My 2nd GG Edward Ridley, left Bridgnorth for New Zealand. My mother said he was sent away. It appears as if he left his wife Lucy Ridley (nee Davies) and married again in NZ.

    I’m wondering you had some idea who I could contact to help with the will. I’d love to determine if it sheds any light on why Edward left.

    Kind regards

    Pauline Ryan

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