The Blog Plays Santa



This will be the last post of 2013 (gosh, where does the time go?) and the Blog and I have some Christmas presents for you:

Firstly, some real goodies:

1.  From Boxing Day until New Year’s Day, Find My Past is holding “Start Your Family Tree”, promising activities, hints and tips on how to make the most of your family tree. Find out more at 

2. Sign up now for the free fortnightly newletter from Lost Cousins at or just read the latest newsletter at  This month you can save money on a subscription to Find My Past (please note that this offer expires on 6 January 2014).

Digging deeper into your stocking, here’s some useful and interesting stuff: links to free downloadable family tree charts and templates to enable you to keep track of your progress.

And finally, in the toe of your stocking: I’ve made an Index Page of all the blog posts that contain useful information (as opposed to those which merely ramble on a bit about life in general.)  You can access the page by clicking on the box below the banner picture at the top of the home page.

Have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. The Blog and I will be back in the first week of January.



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