The Coffee Mill Maker Project

Wm Corns Single Wheel

Stand mill made by William Corns & Sons circa 1865

I’m pleased to report that the coffee mill maker project, now officially named “A Forgotten Industry:  Wolverhampton Coffee Mill Makers 1760 – 1911”,  made its second official outing on 22 February, when I presented a paper on my findings at the Wolverhampton Local History Symposium, which was very well received.

To date I’ve identified 61 businesses manufacturing mills and 388 men, women and children involved in mill making – many more than I had expected when I started my researches in June 2012.

There’s still a lot of research to be carried out: at the moment I’m in the process of designing a dedicated website.  More details in due course.

Right now I think I deserve a coffee…

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